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Անգլերեն homework


4.Your deds car newer than my deds car.
That book is more interesting then this.
Today is wormer then yesteday.
Mareys  doll is more nicer then Anns doll.
Our garden is more beauteful then your.
Your room is more comfortaboele then  my.
Marys computer better then Toms.
October is colder month then september.

17.Cindrella liked dance very much.
Suddenly the clock began to strike twelve.
Soon the clock finished to strike twelve.
Cindrella put on the shoe.
She ran down to the steps her coach.
Then  Princ married  her and they were happy.

18.Cindrela becaus was very beauteful.
Clock finished to strike twelve  ran the ent to the home.
Coach become papkin ent clock finished strike twelv.
The Princ ran after Cindrella.
The Princ found one of her glass shoes on the steps.
They fride the shoe but heir feet wear big and the shoe was smoll.
The Princ marryed her and hey were happy.

Cindrella liked danc very mach.
The coach became  pampkin.
The clock began  to strike twelve.
Cindrella ran down   to the coach.
Poor Cindrella went home and began to work.
The next day the Princsent to faind Cindrella.
Cindrella traid the  shoe.

14.When Cindrella heard abaut the dance she wantid to go too.
Her aunt  and the ugly sistrs laugth at her  but didnt take to the dance.
A coach came to the door with theyr mother.
Cindrella lookd up and saw a littel old ledy.
Dhi had a sick in her hand.
When Cindrella brought them  the little lady waved her stick.
The lady waved her stick and Cindrella wore a beauteful dress and glass shoes.

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