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Homework 07.04.2016,06.04.2016

9.Rover came to the Zoo t visit his  friends.
He saw a new animal.
The giraffe liked living in the Zoo.
The giraffes neck helps him get food.
One day a women come to the Zoo.
The giraffe didnt like the grass on the wamans hat.
The woman ran away.

1.He was a little Elepant.
2.His parnts worked from morning till in naith.
3.Gaston dont like work.
4.He play games,Jamit,and ran.
5.You most be work.
6.Bnnana giv him Leon.
7.That mous work.

1.Ann most beauteful grl.
2.This stick is longer than that.
3.This story fannyest is story.
4.I taller then may sister.
5.The mouse is smoller then cat.

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